design approach

responding to market conditions in a rapidly modernizing and urbanizing country with a critical outlook, regarding environmental problems and urban context as inseparable dimensions of architectural practice and always feeling the responsibility of construction supervision as a continuation of the design phase.

history of the firm

‘çinici architects’ was established by in 1963 altuğ & behruz çinici on the occasion for the execution of the middle east technical university campus in ankara. since then numerous projects were carried out covering a wide range of subjects and scales, amongst educational buildings gain primary importance. in 1989 firm’s general management was moved to istanbul. can çinici who joined to the office in 1992 concentrated mainly on competition and design work. the firm having a decisive importance on the last 35 years period of turkish republican architecture was acknowledged by various national and international awards – some of them are 1985 simavi foundation award, 1986 iş bank award, 1994 national architecture award and 1995 aga khan award for the building of the mosque within the grand national assembly

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